What’s “cool” when it gets down to work (and life)?

27 Jan

An Italian junior minister has been forced to excuse himself as he said that to get a university degree after 28 years of age is ‘uncool’.

To most of the (so called) normal people in most of the (so called) normal world this would be perfectly ‘normal’. But we all have learned now that common sense is not common practice.

My grandfather used to say “you either study or you go to work”, and it was clear to all of us in the family that the job he had in mind, should we did not succed at school, was the one on the building site as carpenter. He used our success at school as an opportunity to escalate the social ladder, and it was clear for all of us that there was a sort of conventional limit on the time we were allowed to spend at school, at least in the same class. We learned early the software (what involves heart, mind and soul) and the hardware  (what invokes our body) of achievement, creating and enhancing competencies, not complaint, not being lazy. We have now a full generation living in a sort of ‘limbo’, delaying as much as possible their entrance into the jobmarket.

Without getting to the extreme of Margaret Thatcher, who once said “Any man who rides a bus to work after the age of 26 can count himself a failure in life”, we need to start injecting a new cultural  message in our society. We simply need to stop listing and thinking about all the excuses and the reasons that bring us to the non-performance, to start concentrate on what is needed to perform well. We have to stop to be there sitting and waiting for someone  solving problems for us and become proactive on our destiny.

This is the only way to take real ownership about our life afterall. If we do not do it, personally, who should do it on our behalf?


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